Launch of Projective Group in the Dutch market

Lancering Launching Projective Group

Last year, we worked on an interim basis on the launch of Projective Group in the Dutch market.

In recent years, Charco & Dique, Enigma Consulting, and Mastermind Consulting have been acquired by Projective. In mid-2023, these mentioned brands were merged into Projective Group. This merger of brands needed to be promoted with a big splash in the Dutch financial market.

The campaign was a huge success! With a wide mix of media, the launch of Projective Group couldn’t be ignored. We bought and negotiated various advertising positions, including in the FD, in PensioenPro, and on billboards (OOH). Additionally, we utilized branded video messages on LinkedIn from the founders/partners of the acquired companies.

“They found us through Google. They were strongly drawn to the name Ministry of Marketing because they themselves founded The Ministry of Compliance.”

Hans Dekker, marketing consultant

In addition to the set of advertisements and posts, we were able to arrange an interview on Business News Radio (BNR), making a significant impact that resonated throughout the entire market.

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Partner Corjan Mol in at BNR studio (photographie: Lyone Peperkamp)

Now, that’s what I call a solid ROI!

The positive feedback they received confirmed that this campaign made a strong impression and was very successful. In the final phase of the campaign, Projective Group secured two new projects, allowing them to deploy approximately 15 consultants directly to these assignments.

A successful collaboration deserves a sequel!

After a few months of consolidation, Projective Group approached us again. Due to this success, they asked us back to help them set up a high-performance marketing team and strengthen their brand position in the Dutch market.

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