Shiperone Workflows Business Case: Pioneering a Path from Munich to the Global Arena

The inception of Shiperone was more than just a product launch; it was a carefully orchestrated journey into the global logistics technologies landscape.  

Strategic foundation 

Shiperone operates at the intersection of tech and logistics, both highly demanding sectors, requiring the brand to meet rigorous standards. The international logistics market is no playground. To succeed in this world, a brand must be exceptionally strong. Brand strength encompasses the brand tone, visuals, and wording, and also -and more importantly- the message and story behind the brand. This story should be current, compelling, and resonate with the right audience. With this understanding and a strong passion for supporting startups and scale-up ambitions, Ministry of Marketing embarked on the Shiperone journey in 2023. 


Shiperone Workflows is an all-in-one logistics management tool, a solid software to bring new technology to the century-old sector of logistics. We initiated the journey by developing the name and brand identity for the overarching brand, Shiperone, and its two sub-brands: Shiperone Workflows and Shiperone Marketplace. The name, brand tone, and identity lay the foundation for our success. Collaborating with key stakeholders, industry experts, and renowned design agencies, we established the name Shiperone, a combination of “Shipping” and a phonetically altered version of “Chaperone.” Creative Corner Studio designed the brand’s logo, identity and website, while Studio RUIG and RDM Design played crucial roles in developing comprehensive brand identity guidelines for consistency across all touchpoints. 

The name, payoff Your Freight Forwarding Backbone, and Go-To-Market strategy were the result of thorough research and strategic planning. 


Positioning in the global market 

Shiperone’s positioning in the global market showcases its strategic acumen. In February 2023, the initiation of the Pre-launch and launch of an activity module marked the beginning of a rigorous testing phase, both internally and externally, laying the groundwork for a robust product. From pre-launch activities to the soft launch in India and participation in the T&L Munich Fair, each step was calculated to establish a foothold in diverse markets. The intentional emphasis on the Workflows product aligned with market demands, demonstrating our commitment to providing solutions. 


In May 2023, Shiperone embarked on a transformative journey that began at the T&L Fair in Munich. Our participation in the fair was a pivotal moment that showcased our innovation and provided a platform for networking and partnerships. The innovative approach to the launch, including the unique cardboard trucks sent to agents, set the stage for a business case revolving around strategic development. 



The recent launch of a targeted online campaign in the United States, is already yielding results in establishing Shiperone as a well-known, reliable, and successful brand. The team is growing, becoming more structured, with us closely involved in recruiting the right marketing professionals and working closely with the global team. Also leading the marketing team, being board member/CMO of Shiperone, collaborating globally (San Francisco, Chicago, Hamburg, Mumbai) 


Post Munich focus, results, and achievements where the tangible results of our efforts are evident

  • A substantial growth in LinkedIn followers, from 0 to almost 1000, fully organically, indicative of a growing community and industry recognition. 
  • Increased traffic to the website, seamlessly integrated with HubSpot for efficient lead management and CRM. 
  • Collaborative efforts with the sales team, particularly guided by Sales Therapy – Vivek Vanwari from Chicago, a unique sales consultancy well-versed in the future of sales in logistics, have made a significant impact and yielded positive outcomes.


Challenges and future focus

As it is with startups, it has been a bumpy ride, and we acknowledge the challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Our focus on increasing clicks, developing more logistics segment-specific and valuable content, and enhancing downloadable resources, videos, and demo materials were met with a strategic approach Now we celebrate the ‘graduation’ of Shiperone workflows that it has reached the growth to be a part of the same marketing team with the rest of the companies in Saksham Group. 

We’re delighted to play an essential role in the birth and growth of the brand Shiperone and helped it reach the level of a growing company from a newly born startup. 


In conclusion, the Shiperone Workflows case happens to be a snapshot of our approach, a proof of our commitment to creating successful brands and also creating brands that succeed in business. Shiperone, only months after its inception, has already grown to reach the level of industry standards.

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