Strong Brand Positioning for Innovative Software: Fiona Festival


When organizing a film festival, a lot is involved: complex schedules, unique processes, and many stakeholders. You might be surprised to learn how many film festivals still primarily rely on large quantities of Excel files or software that only partially meets their needs. Fiona Festival worked together with several major film festivals, to develop software specifically designed for film festivals. This film festival management software can be customized for each unique festival. Clear problem, strong solution, you might think, problem solved! However, even a great product can make a difference with good brand positioning, helping them to find and convince the right audience.

“Together with Ministry of Marketing, we went through an enjoyable and educational positioning process. One of the outcomes was our ‘explanimation video’ on the website, which has significantly sharpened our story.”

Peter Goldman

The Marketing Assessment

We started the collaboration with a comprehensive assessment using our Marketing Performance Model©. This revealed several quick wins, but also some larger challenges. One of these challenges was how to describe the product and the company story. Fiona Festival is a complex and extensive software platform. There is a lot to say about it, but this resulted in a flood of information on the website, which can deter potential customers.

Sharpening the story was the first focus. The main objective was to effectively address the needs of the target audience, as well as the barriers and potential risks they face. Through brainstorming sessions, we developed a concise and powerful narrative, with a clear payoff, distinct USPs, and an appropriate tone of voice.

The Online Brand Positioning

With the refined story in mind, we began working on brand positioning across all (online) expressions. First, the website. We restructured it with new (shorter) texts. These texts clearly illustrate who Fiona is, what the platform can do, and what you can expect from the team behind it. Combined with the illustrations previously designed for them, we created a cheerful, light-hearted, and above all, structured whole.


Short and Powerful Visual Communication

In addition to restructuring the website, a major challenge was the platform’s complexity. Fiona Festival can be entirely customized to meet a client’s needs. This is, of course, a significant USP. However, it also means that explaining all the possibilities takes some time. To make this easier, we collaborated with Studio Urrebuk and illustrator Nina Fernande to create an animated explainer video. In exactly 1 minute and 21 seconds, it clearly explains what Fiona Festival is, why you should want to use it, and what the possibillties are. This video has been given a prominent place at the top of the homepage. This way, every visitor gets a clear understanding of Fiona Festival within 2 minutes and has a good starting point from which they can find their specific questions on the website.

From Brand Positioning to Active Expression

The general brand positioning is set. Everywhere you can find Fiona Festival, you encounter a cheerful, professional, and structured brand. After ensuring that the brand is effectively conveyed, the logical next step was to actively approach the target audience. We have been working with Fiona Festival on their brand communication for some time now. This includes implementing a social media strategy, developing SEO-focused content for the website, and continuously executing (online) advertising campaigns. These efforts collectively result in a clear increase in the number of leads coming in.

Curious how we can effectively position your brand in the market?

Do-It-Yourself Dashboard

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